Kundalini awakening

Kundalini is the mechanism that enables all spiritual and psychic phenomenon, it is the biological basis of evolution, the secret origin of all esoteric and occult doctrines, the master key to the unsolved mystery of creation, the inexhaustible source of philosophy, art and sciences, and the fountainhead of all religious faiths and spiritual traditions.

This energy is what unleashes ones capability to experience expanded states of consciousness, clear Karma, and abide in the non dual awareness, bliss of being, Samadhi.

Spiritual awakening

Enlightenment, liberation, self-realization is enabled by the awakening of Kundalini. 

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Kundalini & Physiology

Biological basis of evolution & understanding body biochemistry in relation to Kundalini awakening.

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Culture & Society

Source of all science, religion and philosophy. Kundalini in various traditions and systems.

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Psychosis or transcendence

Comparing mental disorders and Kundalini awakening. A different perspective of psychology.

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To enhance vital life force and support your process of metamorphosis.

Symptoms & Phenomenon

Detect Kundalini activity through various signs, experiences and states along the path

Techniques & practice

Tools to ground & circulate the energy to speed up the flowering of consciousness

Diet & supplements

Diet is one of the most important factors propelling the awakening

Teachings & philosophy

Concise selection of ancient scriptures and classic contemporary texts.

Siddha Shaktipat

Shaktipat , the essence of ancient siddha system & its philosophy. Importance & necessity of guidance through grace in embodied form.

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Self-inquiry & surrender

Align the intellect through gnosis and immerse the heart in devotion. Facing Obstacles & Patterns of the ego structure in its Dissolution & Reformation.

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The essence of Advaita Vedanta, Kashmiri Shaivism Gnosticism and Zen Buddhism. Pointers to the absolute Truth.

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“The fruition of this process is samadhi which yields release, which is the state of unsurpassed bliss. The revered Gurus also have said that release is to be gained only by devotion which is of the nature of reflection on the truth of the Self.”

― Ramana Maharshi