Our Dharma

That essence, or the inner inseparable quality of a thing, is what is called dharma. Dharma is the innate property or principle of an object that defines that object and makes it what it is. At the same time Dharma also translates to Universal Law, Duty, and righteous field of action.

What then is the dharma of a living entity, the inherent quality that makes a living entity what it is, that which cannot be separated from the living entity.

The answer the Vedas give us to this question is: service. To serve consciousness, is the essence of the soul, which in itself is a particle of consciousness.

We share this collective purpose and assist the ascension of consciousness. We serve as catalysts in the ongoing mass awakening of the planet.




Transformation of Individuals

Providing tools and support for every human being to undergo evolutionary metamorphosis

Planetary Enlightenment

Awakening the masses to a higher consciousness and create a field of resonance


A self-sustainable conscious community living in harmony with nature and all its beings




”Silence, stillness and emptiness, which is full. All words try to point towards that, and in doing so also sometimes create a separation from that.”


Gyani Ma

Prema Devi

Our Community

Be a part of an energetic transformational field created by awakened individuals. Adepts coming together in recognition of Truth. Our Online Ashram is centered in the facebook group; KUNDALINI TANTRA ॐ Spiritual Awakening as well as the more focused group KUNDALINI SHAKTIPAT ॐ Siddha Yoga and regional groups in Scandinavia, France, Greece.

Host & Volunteer in Programs

We encourage you to host gatherings and group meditations in your local area and invite Us for Shaktipat transmissions online or in presence. Coming together to explore consciousness and recognize truth creates a collective field of vibration, a resonant space with limitless potential, this enables transformation and realization to occur at an accelerated speed. Help us create such local portals to awareness.

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“The fruition of this process is samadhi which yields release, which is the state of unsurpassed bliss. The revered Gurus also have said that release is to be gained only by devotion which is of the nature of reflection on the truth of the Self.”

― Ramana Maharshi