Shaktipat Initiation

Energy Transmission

Awakening through SHAKTIPAT INITIATION is the essence of all spiritual traditions. It is an old Vediic science which means transfer of energy.

A being with an Awakened Kundalini acts as a channel for the transmission of Divine Grace, the cosmic spiritual energy, into the aspirant, initiating their own inherent flow.

It is a powerful, effective, most direct and safe method of activating Kundalini. Also known as Siddha yoga, it sets a chain reaction in flowering of consciousness, purifies Karma and heals all levels of the being.

Mechanism of Shaktipat

The phenomenon of Shaktipat works on basis of sympathetic resonance between two points of consciousness within the unified field of Kundalini awareness, which is all pervading, omnipotent and beyond linear time.

The point of higher potential of the initiator connects and conducts the enhanced vibrational state to the lower one of the seeker which gets attuned to it. The evolved potential of the adept conveys its charged consciousness to that of the seeker, which is scattered and unfocused.

The combined vibration activates the inherent infinite charge of the seeker beyond the threshold vibration, underneath which Kundalini potential lies dormant.

While more pronounced when beings are in each others presence, it operates globally and does not follow a linear timeline. The interpenetration of spiritual energy occurs through quantum waves, electromagnetic waves, scalar waves, light waves, acoustic waves and through the superconduction of consciousness.

That is the sympathetic resonance of oscillating systems.

Siddha Yoga

Shaktipat is the heart of Siddha Maha Yoga tradition. The unique perspective of Siddha Maha Yoga is that since Kundalini is an intelligent force it will, upon awakening, naturally & effortlessly direct the practice of the student. All that is required is that the student completely surrender to this force.

As a result of kundalini’s unfoldment spontaneous purifying movements, called kriyas will occur. In addition the practices of Hatha, Laya and Raja Yoga will naturally manifest in a spontaneous fashion.

Because all other yogas naturally manifest as a result of kundalini awakening this yoga is called “Mahayoga” meaning “great yoga.” Since the kundalini awakening is induced by a perfected being or “Siddha” this yoga is called “Siddha Mahayoga.”

Since all other yogas and their results occur spontaneously (“Sahaja”) and without effort this yoga is also called “Sahaja Yoga.”

History & Other Traditions

Shaktipat is originally a yogic initiation and is well recognized approach for activating the Kundalini. This leads to an inner unfolding of Awareness and higher states of consciousness which is the basis of all ancient spiritual texts such as Vedas, Upanishads and Sutras.

It is the core of the Siddha traditions which later formed the Tantric traditions of Kashmiri Shaivism as well as Tibetan Buddhism.

The transmissions are a way to preserve true spiritual knowledge through lineages.

Shaktipat is the birth point for all yogas: tantra, gyan, karma, kriya, raja, laya, bhakti, siddha. They take place only due to Kundalini awakening and manifest spontaneously in an adept.

Shaktipat is referred to in the Torah’s Old Testament in Deuteronomy 34:9 in the passage, “And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom, for Moses had laid his hand upon him.” In Kabbalah, the term for Shaktipat is S’micha m’shefa or Haniha. In the New Testament, it is referred to in John 20:22, which says that Jesus “blew upon them and said to them: ‘Receive Holy Spirit.’


The most important aspect of an effective Shaktipat initiation is the quality and depth to which the aspirant is able to surrender.

Even to reach the point of simply surrendering to shakti takes some practice for people. Some aids in cultivating surrender are chanting and selfless service. These practices open the heart and make one more susceptible to the influence of shakti.

Surrender is the most important aspect to prepare for receiving the transmission, in other words, one must be willing to let go the current state to acclimate to the higher homeostasis. Deepening the ability to surrender is the only prescribed practice, no other effort or technique is required except letting go.


At one point on the inner journey guidance becomes useful, it helps us avoid unnecessary pitfalls and saves valuable time & effort.


Shaktipat Sadhana

An immersive meditation which enables you to enter Samadhi. This does not involve any techniques or effort, only surrender to the will of Kundalini.


Power of Satsang

Be part of an energetic transformational field created by awakened individuals. Adepts coming together in recognition of Truth.


Kundalini can be transmitted. A person who is very adept at the enlightenment process can transmit it.

Whether you feel it or not, it’s affecting you in a very positive way.

– Ph.D Frederick Lenz