Accelerate your Vedic Voyage

Shaktipat initiation is for the seer who wants to begin this process of self discovery as well as adepts who are spiritually mature to recognize the Truth. Regular sessions onset the metamorphosis for initiates and are valuable for the already awakened to support the unfolding process.

Online Course



Individual Programs

Personal Consultation

One is advised to begin the Kundalini process after a consultation with our facilitators. This session is to understand the intensity & depth of the work involved as well as map a uniquely tailored path according to the karmic composition of the seeker.

30 Euro suggested donation for an hour session


Shaktipat Transmission

We offer an hour of Shaktipat transmission which is received through meditation. This helps initiate and accelerate the flow of Kundalini as well as clear and align karmic blockages accumulated in the subtle body.

70 Euro suggested donation for an hour session

One is encouraged to take regular realignment sessions post the initiation to receive guidance and attune the energy flow to clear the path for a smooth ascent.

50 Euro suggested donation per follow-up session


Group Programs

Satsang Sangha

For the dedicated group of seers we are available to hold group Satsang, this entails meditation and talks on requested topic or Questions & Answers in general. The gathering creates a powerful transformative field, enabling deep insight and revelation of Truth.

Cost depends on the size of the group

Contact us or read more about hosting a group

Shaktipat Meditation

We also offer group meditation with Shaktipat Transmission. This helps initiate and accelerate the flow of Kundalini as well as clear and align Karmic blockages accumulated in the subtle body.

It is advised to follow up after the initiation session for regular attunements so as to ease the ascension process. A continued contact must be maintained to receive guidance and keep the energy aligned. 

Price depends on the size of the group
Follow up sessions will be priced less 

Contact us or read more about hosting a group

Virtual Events

Solstice & Equinox transmissions

> Winter Solstice Shaktipat 7 day Inititaion

16-22 December 2019

This event will be a 7 day intensive course. Each day focusing on piercing through each of the 7 chakras. The transmission will take place 24/7.

Solstice and Equinox are highly energetic cosmic events where the planetary alignment aids the mass transmission of Shaktipat field. These times of transition are best periods of the year to raise kundalini and undergo shift in consciousness.

Full moon Transmissions

> November Full moon Shaktipat Initiation

12 November 2019

Kundalini is heightened and amplified during the full moon’s luminous energy surge. Making it a time of enhanced purification, cleansing, clearing, shedding, healing and recharging on deep levels.

This Full Moon Shaktipat event is a beautiful time and opportunity to receive Divine grace of Shaktipat, to activate Kundalini, enhance the flow for those with already activated kundalini, clear & release blockages, and to deepen ones Sādhana.

Participate by joining the Online Ashram Facebook Group here and place your photo and permission to receive in the upcoming post about the event. There will be more details posted there as well.


Join our Online Ashram (Facebook group) to participate in the events. Details for participation can be found in the Facebook Events, or contact us.

Retreats & Workshops


> 7 day Shaktipat Intensive in Goa, India

15-21 March 2020

This is a 7 day retreat penetrating into the heart of samadhi, diving deep in self realisation. It is an opportunity to unleash and expand your latent inner potential, through the grace and guidance of Shaktipat field.

Read more here


> In Person Shaktipat Satsangs

This is an opportunity for activating and awakening Kundalini in two or three day events. Each day entails a 3 hour gathering, including kirtan, meditation, Shaktipat initiation and Satsang with Q&A.

Bangalore, India, 18-20 Oct

Göteborg, Sweden 27 Oct, 8 Dec

Copenhagen, Denmark 31 Oct, 14 Nov, 12 Dec

Alnarp, Sweden 9 Nov, 6 Dec

Enköping, Sweden 12 Nov

Stockholm, Sweden 10 Dec

Athens, Greece 2 Nov

Athens, Greece 18 Jan

Athens, Greece 21 March

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